Friday, 13 July 2012

Enjoying Meals and Social Networking

Me and Mrs Bad were invited to my friends home in South London. To enjoy some authentic Morrocon cuisine. Same firend who I had a goals articulation meeting with back in Nov 2011

We arrived early at Stratford and decided to have a coffee in Westfield. I then decided to defect from the plan and dragged Mrs Bad into the Lebonese cafe on the lowest floor of Westfield shopping centre.

I ordered a mixed platter and some mint tea.
- The customer service was close to abusive
- They didn't have half the things I asked for
- They served the food on a paper plate
- This unforgettable experience cost close to £20

In contrast when we arrived at my friends home.
- we we greeted with warmth and felt welcome.
- we talked and laughed
- got to learn more about each others families
- had the most amazing beef, apricot and prune tagine. Sprinkled with roasted flakes of almonds.
- along with a lovely gorgeous chicken and olive tagine.

After which we drank tea and coffee and I needed a nap.
I wish I'd taken a picture of the amazing food.
I guess this is the difference of experience we can have in relation to food. I know which one I'll be aspiring too.

If we invite other families to dine with our family every so often. They will also invite us to do the same. We then don't need to go through an abusive experience when it comes to dining out.

One part of the goals articulation for zone 0 (home) me and mrs Bad had was 'a place where we enjoy our meals'

As for my 'Increasing productivity' project. Pleasant experiences like the meal I had with K.Z's family are inspiring, heart warming and a form of social networking far greater then Facebook.

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