Saturday, 22 September 2012

Coffee on the bus and Walking barefoot to work

Having spent two months in India (more about that in another post) I missed the odd cup of coffee I have. So after breakfast I made me a very big cup, into a thermos, and enjoyed it on the bus. I do enjoy travelling on the bus after the rush hour has passed. On the upper deck in the back. Gaze wondering across the urban landscape and in this case sipping on some coffee. It's the closest thing to being chauffeur driven. The drivers these days do suddenly break hard, which hampers an almost luxurious journey in my opinion. Also travelling at peak is also a chore. Not due to seat availability, or having to seat next another person. But more so due to noise pollution from phone conversations, people talking/ shouting or some adolescent blaring some muzik

Part of my route to work has me walk through a pathway, free of cars and motor bikes etc. I cycle through this bit on most days and always enjoy this section of the journey as both sides of the path have trees and under growth.

Today I walked and enjoyed this short respite from the hustle and bustle of East London traffic. Today the weather was just what I enjoy. Not cold, but having a light jacket on felt comfortable. I had sandals on due to a cut on my heal and my feet weren't cold.

When I came to the grass area I decided to take my slippers off and walk the 100 metres or so barefoot.

I've never done this before, but the grass was dry and I just felt the need to have some contact with the earth.

Now I won't bang on about all the physical benefits of walking barefoot, maybe another time. For now I'll simply say it felt right. I'm glad I did this before I started my work day as once I got into the office it was non stop hustle and bustle till I clocked out, offered my Asr salaat (prayer) and had a cup of tea with Steve.

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