Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Next Project & Water Harvesting on the go

So I'm cycling to work, and it's a light drizzle, but but the time I get to the office, my jeans are soaked through. More important for health & safety is the rain hitting my eyes, forcing me to blink for the 30min ride. I could just wear swimming goggles next time.

But got in and doodled this.

Over the top? YES, but the problem is the solution.

Thoughts on next Diploma Project include designing zone 0. My one bedroom apartment on the 1st floor. Think a solo mind mapping session, then a joint mind mapping session with Mrs Bad is in order.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lesson plan done

Two copies of the lesson plan printed. Already emailed to Richard (tutor). Sleeping bag pack. Now to get to bed for an early start tomorrow and to make a few more lesson materials before I deliver 90 minutes of zones & sector analysis awesomeness Mr Bad style.

A good trainer has all the hard work done before the lesson has even started.