Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cloth nappies fo'real

When some folks at work discovered I am to become a father. They asked me what I would do about nappies.

'cloth nappies of course'

They all laugh. But one lovely lady told me she'll supply me with the lot, including a bucket and specific detergent. Turns out her daughter intended to go this route but then, well didn't.

She even blessed us with an awesome Moses basket.

Thank you Suraya from clan Badshah.

I shall remember you every time I change or wash these.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Garbage Warrior and Earthships

During the cold holiday period I watched a number of documentaries  One of which is about the struggles Mike Reynolds overcame to bring Earthships to the world, titled Garbage Warrior

Earthships are homes which enable a family to live comfortably off grid. No need to buy electricity, heating or water. Along with processing sewage onsite and producing food. With building materials using waste products such as used tires as the main building blocks.

For me the battles Mike fought gave me insight on how the red tape is truly getting in the way of positive change for sustainable living. The documentary shows part of this mans journey in which he is striving to become part of a holistic solution to many of our worlds problems.

Mike Reynolds you are an inspiration to me and I salute you.