Sunday, 8 July 2012

Diploma Guild Hookup in Bristol

Just on the train back from Bristol (Sunday 8th July 2012) . Been at Adam and April's place in Bristol since Friday night. Joining me was Mrs Bad, who isn't a fan of staying in a tent. Was also with me. Ben and Sarah came down from Colchester.

All 6 of us enjoyed simple organic meals. The non stop rain was very frustrating at this time of year. But as Richard states 'global weirding' is upon us.

For me the purpose of meeting up and paying a ridiculous amount for train fair (£70 return per person) was to decide if I would be dropping out of the assisted diploma route.

Ben woukd have none of it. He sat me down we noted out an action plan on what exactly I needed to do to get on track. Along with the format of project 5 (zone 1: shoe box garden)

What went well:
Seeing how simple Adam and April are living made me put things into perspective.
Ben talking me through a decision making process of my options

What didn't go so well:
Non stop rain, didn't allow us to enjoy the abundance of nature and trees surrounding Adam & April's home.
Lack of a laptop, power source and internet connection limited the type of work we could do.

Lessons learned & action points.
Pack hot water bottle and thermos regardless of weather.
Contact Jesus and ask if he still wants to sell his mobile home.
Request Apple samples from Ben's orchard
Book visit to Ben's in Colchester. Can now identify elder, Hazel, Tried Bulgar Wheat, will add to rotation

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