Sunday, 13 October 2013

Jesus and his Wood House

This weekend I travelled to the south west of England. Here I slept in a tent and assisted my friend Jesus the carpenter build his 7 sided round timber frame home.

The rafters and post are of Larch and most of my time was spent using an axe or draw knife removing the bark and sedum (sp) of the posts and rafter. Along with assisting with the securing of the almost upright 7 posts. He has decided that vertical is so last year and all post lean outwards.

After this we secured the wall plates. The next stage would be to place the 7 rafters attop and there we shall have the bare bones of a reciprocal roof.

Lessons learned:
Beeswax boots well before any such adventure.

DON'T be a hero and cycle from the station to the venue with a huge backpack. Take a cab

Remember to take Jesus some Frankincense as a house warming gift when I next visit.

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  1. Very impressive :)

    Would be good to see how it comes along.