Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Identification of Trees in my homeland

When hanging out with Jesus the carpenter (see my last blog entry, before you think I'm having evangelical hallucinations). I come to know how little I know about trees.

I desire:
The ability to identify the common trees in my surroundings
At each stage of development. Seed, sapling, young, mature and when processed.
In each season. So when in full foliage in summer to naked in winter.
To know which uses each identified species has. E. G. Great for furniture, or fixing nitrogen etc
How best to propagate, manage and locate each specific species of tree.

Proposed solution:
I have purchased a colour picture laden tree identification book.
I shall now slowly add to my knowledge by first identifying a one tree I walk past regularly
I shall then research and answer the questions I have mentioned above.

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