Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wall to wall carpeting for the Allotment plot

I've been a bad boy, I have neglected my allotment for some time. I will not bore you with my excuses.

As a result I have lost half my plot. Which is fair. And have about a month to get my remaining half of the plot in shape.

Nothing like a fixed deadline to get me focused.

So I enlisted some help. Shaks will work for me in exchange for me working for him. I. E. For every hour he helps me. I owe him an hour of help.

Now Shaks didn't want this arrangement, but I insisted.

The plan is simple. Take as much cardboard down, then cover the ground, then place a raised bed I've already knocked up. And fill with plug plants I've started at home.

I'll cover the finer points in another post. For now here is a before and after photo of 4 hours graft.

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