Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shower Timer

As part of my zone 0 project I wanted to reduce my water consumption. So I searched Amazon UK for a fancy water timer.

In the box we have the timer, instructions, a plastic bag marked with increments of volume in litres and gallons and a lanyard (no idea why)

Simple enough to set up. The timer counts down 10 seconds while you fill the bag at full throttle. Stop the water at 10 seconds when you hear the beep.

Check the side of the bag and input the amount filled into the timer.

You can set the number of minutes you want the timer to bleep at. E.g after 10 minutes it will beep.

Pros: very nice display. Running total of water used during shower. Read out in litres, gallons or U.S gallons. Adjustable time limit.

Cons: pricey for what it is, the lanyard is pointless, the bag isn't needed any measuring jug would do the same.

Zone 0 project - http://www.badshahdesign.net/project-4-zone-0.html

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