Sunday, 1 April 2012

Neglected shoe box garden

As part of my zone 1 diploma project I knocked up a lean to green house. When I say 'I knocked up' I mean I had Andrew the handy man knock it up.
In the process the shoe box garden took a battering. It took a good beating before the green house as Andrew was pointing the whole exterior walls.
I finally got myself in gear and got to work today.
I emptied about 5 rubble bags worth of soil which Andrew had dug up from the front garden into the East bed. Covered the lot in newspaper (whole paper, overlapped cover to cover). Stacked out the weaper hose. Socked the newspaper. Which I stack up with all the papers I pick up on the train.
I'd saved some leaves the council had bagged in autumn. Will be covering the lot on Tuesday.

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