Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kick starting the learning pathway (diploma)

The very first project in my diploma comprises of 6 elements.

1. Life Review, a 4,000 word essay on my journey so far. A chance for me to reflect. (not looking forward to this as the written word is not a strong area for me)

2. Articulation - document/ mindmap describing my personal vision, long term goals and sacred questions and areas of Interest (Have started this using Vue)

3. Skillflex - A mind map of the skills I currently have (using Vue for this also)

4. Action learning pathway - mindmap of the skills I plan to gain during the diploma process (you guessed it, Vue again)

5. CV/ Resume - 2 pages (I can fit mine into 1, is that a good thing?)

6. Basic website - to present the vision for my business plan and the diploma. (So far here it is)

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