Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Returning from Diploma Induction in York

Just on the train back from York. Was at Samo's folks place. Field tested the new tent and this time I took the Mrs who did the two day Non Violent Communication course with Michelle San. From what I gather she really enjoyed the whole experience. I'm now part of an action learning guild and we're all on this diploma journey together. Every five weeks we'll be meeting on Skype so each of us can answer the same four questions.

What's going well in my life
What I'm finding challenging
What my immediate next steps are
What my long term goals are

While one person goes through these, another will take notes and email back a summary. No one is to interrupt while they answer the four questions.

So here are mine for right now in my life.

What's going well?
Knowing I'm part of this group, and doing the diploma in a more construtive way is really motivating.
Having my wife now fully on board the permaculture bandwagon pleases me eminencly

What I'm finding challenging?
Money and time, I have very little spare of either and to action learn about allot the skills I want will cost me both

My next steps
Browse a few online portfolios
upload pictures from this trip
Transfer all key dates into my Outlook
Mind map for my first project

My long term goals
Relocate to a warmer climate
Open a center of learning
Be really really happy

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