Monday, 11 April 2011

Introductory Weekend to Permaculture @ Naturwise London

For quite some time I’ve pondered and semi decided I’ll be enrolling onto a full Permaculture Design Course sooner or later, the timing and cost of the infamous 72 hour course wasn’t right for me just right now-ish. So in the hope to keep me motivated, meeting like minded people and scouting out a potential network/ group/ organisation of where I may finally do a full PDC as it’s often referred to. I enrolled onto an introductory Permaculture weekend with Naterwise in North London

And when I attended I got all I was hoping for and more. The course is mainly held in the most unexpected of locations. As I got there and looked at the front door of a house, and not only a pretty regular house, but one which was in a whole street of terraced houses, I wondered if this was just a starting point before we transferred to another location. When taken through to the garden you feel partially between the realms of reality and fairy tale, as my assumptions where being stripped away. The garden leads into an amazing and for huge space (London garden standards). With an abundance of apple, pear and other trees, along with all sorts of plants. All surrounded brick walls, which are the end walls of the neighbour’s gardens. A true urban secret garden. Just getting to wonder and hang out in the sun on the grass at this venue for me was worth the cost in money and time.

But I came away with allot more, I got to discuss with others my understanding of what Permaculture is and some key principles and then got to use them in practical exercises.

What next: I’ll be putting some money aside for the PDC and seeing when the next few will be running and trying to get onto one. Along with using the SADIM (Survey, Assess, Design, Implement, Maintain) methodology at my allotment plot.

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